New releases and other announcements from the bvoip team

  1. 1stream Speed Improvements and New Device Templates


    1stream Speed Improvement

    We've finally ironed out the inefficient code of the 1stream Manage Organization page, and you can now access that menu faster than ever before. While previously it could take tens of seconds to load the page due to the volume of information, we've streamlined the loading behavior to make sure the page loads consistently in less than 5 seconds.


    New Device Templates (240711)

    We now have templates built out for the following device models. All new servers going forward will immediately have these templates available, and we are working to install these into existing instances.


    • X301G, X301P, X301W, X303P, X303W, X303G, X305
    • V62, V63, V64, V65, V67


    • Edge 100, 220, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550
    • B10, B20, B30
    • CCX350, CCX400, CCX500, CCX505, CCX600, CCX700


    • D140, D150
    • D713, D787
    • D815, D812, D862, D865


    • T20P, T22P, T27P, T28P
    • T31W, T34W
    • T41G, T42G, T44U, T44W, T46G, T48G, T49G
    • T56A, T58A, T58V, T58W

    If you urgently need these templates, you can reach out to our support team to have them installed, otherwise they will become available to all systems over the next few weeks.


    Document: Polycom OBi to UCS Conversion

    Up until now, the OBi line of Polycom VVX X50 devices has been heavily restricted and only operatable on certain supported cloud providers.

    Thanks to the help of one of our partners, we were able to find a path for customers to migrate their Polycom OBi devices to the UCS firmware, at least in the case where the phone was initially on UCS to begin with. This may not work for devices purchased as OBi edition devices, but we believe that it should.

    Very much an "At your own risk" sort of process, as these devices were not meant to be converted between the firmware versions.

     Convert Poly OBi Edition to UCS Edition 

    • WARNING: Neither HP/Poly nor bvoip support this process in any way, so perform the conversion at your own risk, or sell the devices and buy UCS Edition version instead for the safest path forward.


    Beta: PSA-Integrated SMS

    We're wrapping up initial development of the new SMS capabilities, allowing your conversations to be ingested into a PSA/CRM ticket, and we're looking for some beta testers who would be interested in trying this.

    If your company already has an SMS-enabled number through Flowroute,, Twilio, Telnyx, or ThinQ, and you'd like to participate in providing feedback on this feature, please send an email to with your company name, what PSA you use, and what provider you have an SMS enabled number through, and we'll schedule a time to get that setup with you.


    FFotW: Power BI Reporting Integration

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    Released earlier this year, we want to ensure all our 1stream Core users are aware of the availability of the Power BI Desktop Template which allows for you to quickly get your call data in an interactive report, with multiple pre-built visuals that may help you think up some additional tenant-specific metrics. Simply download the template, grab an API key, and you're off!


    For large enterprises we also have the Power BI Premium/Fabric Capacity Integration which allows for constant refreshes and more of a centralized dashboard like functionality. This does come at a hefty cost for the platform, so we only recommend it for the larger companies that need that level of data access or who already have a Capacity with spare units.


  2. !! Important !! Holiday Bug, Checklist, Quality of Life fixes


    Holiday Bug

    We recently received a report from one customer that their Holiday IVR was not properly being utilized, and we've traced it back to a bug where some holidays that were set for the "Every year" option were not actually built out properly.

    To ensure no holiday is missed, we recommend all customers that have manually created Every year-based holidays in the past delete and recreate those holidays.

    The Holiday Importer and any holidays it created, as well as any individual year holidays, are not affected by this bug.


    New Client Checklist

    We have a new checklist which you can use for onboarding your clients or onboarding your own system down the line. This walks through the A-Z questions you need to answer when setting up the phone system, and it includes setup documents for each of the steps.

    You'll also find license requirement detail on the 8. 1stream tab, allowing you to determine the best license level based on the features they need access to, and the most crucial items to triple check under 0. Critical.

    You'll find this spreadsheet located under Partners > Resources > New Partner Onboarding in the main admin portal for phone systems, and make sure you check out all the tabs!



    Quality of Life Changes

    • We've added a new Use Dial by Name option to the Phone Experience Settings in 1stream. This now allows you to enable the generation of text to speech greetings for the Enhanced Dial-by-Name Directory without our assistance.
    • The main partner admin panel has been redesigned slightly to reduce the whitespace in between rows. This will allow you to view more customers or users within the same screen real estate.
    • We've also redone the paging on tables in the main admin panel, allowing you to more easily page between resources. This also corrects a longstanding issue where sometimes you would have more pages than results, causing those pages to be blank and broken.
    • The Backups menu has been redesigned to provide a progress of the backup as you view the page, and prevent trying to run multiple backups at once.
    • The Marked Territories feature now properly works with AutoTask, allowing you to use the Territory field under Associations for a company/account to raise a flag in 1stream for your team.
    • There was an issue with some instances where inbound rules were not saving properly, that has been corrected.
    • The Blacklist time interval has been changed to a default of 999999999, which will in effect permanently blacklist systems that repeatedly fail to login.
    • We've added our Ticket Based Routing to our inbound support queue, to make it easier to reach your bvoip support rep when you're already working with someone. You can add this to your own phone system with the 1stream Engage licensing.


    Office Hours

    Just a quick reminder that our Onboarding team is available each week in an open office hour, or "lunch and learn". This hour alternates between Tuesdays at 9AM ET and Thursdays at 1PM ET, depending on the week of the month.

    Check out our Training Dates page for links to these meetings, this is also available in the Partners menu of your admin portal.


    FFotW: SLA Based Reporting

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    In addition to the normal data in reports you'll find in 1stream as a Core or higher subscriber, Enterprise licensed users can also utilize SLA-based reporting to provide additional clarity to what quantity of calls were handled in your customized SLA.


    Find out more in our Knowledge Base article.


  3. Academy Update, Wallboard, QoL Improvements and Bug Fixes


    New Academy Domain

    We've now updated our Academy learning platform to have a proper subdomain, and you can now find it at All the same content as yesterday, just with a new location to access it at.

    Please ensure you update your bookmarks, and if you had logged in using the Moodle mobile app you will need to logout and log back in using the new domain. Old bookmarks will redirect for now, but those will stop working at some point in the future.


    Wallboard Messaging

    For 1stream Enterprise users, under the Phone System Enhancements menu we've added a new Manage Wallboard Message option. You can plug in rich text formatted messages, one message per line, and these will be shown beneath the Wallboard.



    Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • We've adjusted the generation of the SIP Authentication Password so that it avoids using characters that are considered invalid for Polycom devices. This should ensure all future extensions can enroll Polycom devices without issue, however previously made extensions may still need a password reset.
    • The Extension Exclusion List has been updated to hide extensions on the home page.
    • Dedicated servers were not properly reflecting system service issues in the PBX Radar. This has now been corrected, and you should be able to see the service statuses properly.
    • Additional error handling has been added to the Microsoft 365 integration, so for instance it will now properly show the error when an API call fails to setup the Teams domain.
    • We've updated the backend system to ensure that servers are available in the admin portal within 15-30 minutes after a migration completes, instead of up to 4 hours in some rare cases. Phone system capabilities are always active within moments after a migration completes, and the 1stream integration can take up to 10 minutes to restore full functionality.


    PSA-Integrated SMS

    We're wrapping up initial development of the new SMS capabilities, allowing your conversations to be ingested into a PSA/CRM ticket, and we're looking for some beta testers who would be interested in trying this.

    If your company already has an SMS-enabled number through Flowroute,, Twilio, Telnyx, or ThinQ, and you'd like to participate in providing feedback on this feature, please send an email to with your company name, what PSA you use, and what provider you have an SMS enabled number through, and we'll add you to the list for consideration.


    FFotW: User Callback Tool

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    Users on any level of our 1stream plans can utilize the User Callback Tool to present callers with the option of requesting a callback from an extension, instead of just sending them to voicemail.

    This does require a call app to be installed, if you're on a Per User plan the bvoip support team can assist with that, but then you just check Enable Call Back Feature in the 1stream portal, and test out leaving a voicemail for that extension!


    You can find more details on this capability in our Knowledge Base Article.


  4. Custom Status Report, New Academy Courses, QoL Improvements


    Agent Custom Status Report

    Advanced reporting requires a 1stream Core license

    You can now view a user's custom status changes, and their total time spent available and talking during the selected period, using the Agent Custom Status Report. As with all reports this supports scheduling and date ranges, and also supports filtering by extension or call queue.


    We've completely rewritten our 1stream Available Reports article with all the newly released reports, and explanations on common columns.


    New Academy Courses

    There are now a handful of new Best Practices courses live in our academy. These range from phone system management to reporting and specific features in 1Stream! All best practices courses are new since the new academy went live a little over a month ago.

    We also have a new "How to Onboard Your Clients with bvoip" course, which covers the process from quoting to configuring the phone system, all the way to porting their numbers over at the end.

    Check out these courses and more in the bvoip Academy platform.


    Quality of Life Improvements

    • For partners in the EU and certain other regions of the world, numbers including the country code can reach 12 digits. We've now updated the Phone Search # Digits in 1stream to allow searching for up to 12 digits if necessary.
    • We've restored access to the MFA reset menu under the System > Users > Security tab, so you can now reset the MFA codes for users who have lost their device without contacting support.
    • We corrected a bug in the Holidays menu where saving the Every Year option was inconsistent.
    • We are well underway with a migration to improved infrastructure which will allow for much faster system deployments, and maintenance windows will be posted as we move server to server. Each phone system will be down for 10-15 minutes during announced maintenance windows, during off-peak hours in the region, as it is migrated to a new host server.


    Phone System Console Fix

    As we announced previously in the Lite Feature Visibility post, there was a bug showing certain features on plans that weren't supposed to have them. We've corrected an issue where the Unlock Phone System Console button showed on systems where it shouldn't, namely Per User licensed systems, which are restricted from the backend for licensing purposes.

    If for some reason you need permanent access to this backend menu, you'll need to migrate to a Channel-based licensing model. Otherwise, our support team can assist in making any backend changes.


    PSA-Integrated SMS

    We're wrapping up initial development of the new SMS capabilities, allowing your conversations to be ingested into a PSA/CRM ticket, and we're looking for some beta testers who would be interested in trying this.

    If your company already has an SMS-enabled number through Flowroute,, Twilio, Telnyx, or ThinQ, and you'd like to participate in providing feedback on this feature, please send an email to with your company name, what PSA you use, and what provider you have an SMS enabled number through, and we'll add you to the list for consideration.


    FFotW: Ticket Form Snapshots

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    Users on our 1stream Core plan and higher can utilize the Ticket Form Snapshots functionality to create templates for common PSA/CRM ticket requests, saving time and effort for your team.

    Assuming it takes 15 seconds to fill out all the fields for a new ticket, that's over an hour each year per ticket you get each day on average. 150 tickets per day? 175 hours per year.

    Ticket Form Snapshots can take that from 15 seconds down to just 3-5, as you only need to find the right one and then start filling out notes (even better with a note template). That's a potential time savings of 66% or more.

    More details on how to configure these can be found in our Knowledge Base Article.



  5. Call Transfer Report, Default "Search", QoL Improvements


    Call Transfer Report

    Users of 1stream Core and above will now find the Call Transfer Report inside their reports list. This report specifically looks at calls that entered in via a queue, were answered, and then transferred elsewhere, which should help identify areas where you may need to streamline the call flow.

    Features like our Ticket Based Routing or Contact Priority Routing can be enabled to reduce the number of transfers necessary for inbound calls.



    Default "Search/Stay" Prompt

    You can now set the Search/Stay pop up to default to always "Search", saving you a click on each call. This is set per user inside the Edit User menu, so users can differ depending on their needs.

    Simply set this to Always instead of Prompt and after a refresh on the client the user will no longer be prompted.



    Quality of Life Improvements

    Help Links in 1stream

    We've added help links to the various popup menus of 1stream, which link back to our new knowledgebase. You'll find these at the ? in the top right corner of some screens.


    Improved ConnectWise Contact Cache

    Previously, we were only caching the "default" phone types of Direct, Mobile, and Company. Going forward, we are now caching all contact types including custom made ones, so we can properly identify a contact based off any of their available numbers.

    "MFA Code Invalid" Fix

    We've resolved an issue where the MFA code was incorrectly marked as invalid in some rare cases, causing you to have to use the next code that appeared. This should be resolved at this point, so let us know if you see any other issues.


    PSA-Integrated SMS

    We're wrapping up initial development of the new SMS capabilities, allowing your conversations to be ingested into a PSA/CRM ticket, and we're looking for some beta testers who would be interested in trying this.

    If your company already has an SMS-enabled number through, Twilio, or Telnyx, and you'd like to participate in providing feedback on this feature, please send an email to with your company name, what PSA you use, and what provider you have an SMS enabled number through, and we'll add you to the list for consideration.


    FFotW: Call Segments

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    For admin users on our 1stream Enterprise license or higher, you can access the Call Segments feature to see the full cradle to grave path of the call. This enables you to easily troubleshoot why a call went unanswered, or why someone had to spend 15 minutes in a queue.


    Check out our KB Article on Call Segments for more details about this capability.


  6. PIN Verification Enhancements and NL Datacenter

    1Stream Engage

    If you are already on our Engage license level, then you already have access to use the outbound PIN verification option in 1stream.

    We've now added the ability to mark a code as "Complete" or "Incomplete", at which point a note will be saved into your PSA/CRM platform stating such. This will allow you to better look back at tickets and ensure a verification was actually completed, without having to turn on transcription or review recordings.


    You also now have the ability to require your users to tag or create a ticket prior to sending the PIN code for verification. This ensures that the data is properly ingested into the ticketing platform every time. You'll find this in the 1stream admin portal under Manage Organization > Experience Settings > Require Ticket for PIN Verification.


    PIN Verification Enhancement

    Needs to have a yes /no display/acknowledge that PIN was sent and verified or not.

    Char Friedman


    More details on this feature can be found in the documentation in our knowledgebase.


    Amsterdam is now live!

    Our Amsterdam datacenter is now officially live! We've offered it in a limited capacity, however it is now open to all partners. This is now available for selection on all partner forms.

    Users in the Netherlands or nearby regions can request to have phone systems moved if desired to this new datacenter, however we will need a longer outage window due to the cross-datacenter migration. Please provide a few acceptable 6-8 hour outage windows alongside your request.


    SSO Improvements

    We've heard from our partners that the partner-level SSO experience is cumbersome, and previous global outages of the login page have resulted in some users being unable to take calls.

    As a result of this, we're working to provide a new login experience that will allow for simpler SSO configuration, a single login link, and it's all located directly on each phone system, so no more global login outages.

    We'll have more to share on this soon, keep your eyes peeled on the announcements page for a beta test in the coming weeks.


    FFotW: Transcription & Analytics

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    This isn't really an old feature by any means, having been released only 2 months ago, however it was before most people were reading these posts.

    For companies with at least one 1stream Enterprise user, you can now transcribe your full calls and even get sentiment analysis if you've got the company size for the infrastructure costs. You just need to bring a Azure, AWS, or GCP speech service account.

    See our previous post Call Transcription and Analytics is now Available! for more details on how to use these capabilities.



  7. Lite Feature Visibility and 5 New Core Reports!

    1Stream Core

    Lite Feature Visibility Bug Fix

    Lite plans have incorrectly had access to a couple 1stream-level features due to a bug in the menu code, so we want to notify everyone of this change as it could impact features you thought you had access to on the lowest plan.

    We've now cleaned up those misclassified menus so that if a system is on a Lite plan, you will no longer have access to items like Call Queues, Call Recording, or the Unlock Phone System Console button.

    This change does not impact current call settings. If you're utilizing a queue on Lite today, you can still do so, however you can no longer modify the queue going forward. You can also continue recording calls if you were already doing so, however you can no longer turn that off or on for extensions.

    Please review the Plans, Options & Pricing page of our website for details on the features that are available at the Lite level vs 1stream View and above. You can reach out to our support team to help remove any Call Queues or other features that you can't turn off yourself.


    Missed a change?

    If you're only clicking on the top banner when it pops up, you're missing information! Make sure to check out the What's New tab on the right whenever a red dot appears, as that means there's a new post for you to check out.


    5 New Reports

    All advanced reporting requires a 1stream Core license

    We're working to add in some of the reports that were previously only available via the customized Enterprise Portal that some clients had used in the past.

    Call Summary

    This will give a simple export of calls with the ability to filter by extension, queue, and date range. This is more detailed than the data you get via the homepage and can be scheduled like all of our other reports.


    Failed Callbacks

    This will give you a list of all calls that have failed callback for your defined date range and queue selection. If you leave the QueueNum field blank, it will show the failed callbacks from all queues.


    Callbacks are usually considered "Failed" because they queued for the full Maximum Queue Wait Time without an agent becoming available.

    We have more detail on callbacks and the reasons they fail in our knowledgebase article.

    Ring Group Statistics

    This will give you a simple breakdown of the users who have received calls via ring groups for the defined date range, and how many of those calls they answered. Like the above report you can filter it by RingGroupNum or leave it blank to get all ring groups.


    Queue Summary - Quarter Hour and Half Hour

    While the normal Queue Summary w/ Overflow report allows for you to get a good picture of your queue call flow volume and handling across many days, it fails to give you a good picture of intraday behavior like spikes during the morning or shortly after the lunch period.

    This report will break down the selected date range across 15 or 30 minute time increments, so you can see which periods may need more coverage, and which may need less.


    This report has a large number of columns to enable you to get as much out of this single report as possible such as Abandon %, Service Level, and Avg Speed of Answer.


    Forgotten Feature of the Week: Custom Caller ID Settings

    Many companies will want to use per-user caller ID, but for one reason or another you may want to hide that direct dial when you call certain parties.

    This can be useful for requesting callbacks for others from third party auto attendants, sending callbacks to your department instead of you directly, or ensuring that one client can't keep calling you back just because you fixed their printer fast.


    Once configured in the admin panel under Phone System Enhancements, users will find a new dropdown in their 1stream client allowing them to change to these numbers. They can then select Clear to go back to their default caller ID assignment.


    We've also got a document and video guide covering this.


  8. Roles & Rights for Pax8 and Nested Customers

    Phone System

    Partners who are utilizing the System > Customers menu have up until now been unable to grant access to those phone systems via the Roles & Rights menu, as that only showed partner-level phone systems.

    This primarily impacted our Pax8 channel partners, however some direct partners had some or all customers moved to this nested structure.

    We've now corrected this behavior so you can see the phone systems that your customers have under them, so you can grant your lower-level team members access to individual client systems and not full admin.



  9. Check Logs, Phone Number Report, and AT/CW PSA Fixes

    New Feature
    1Stream Core

    The "Check Logs" button

    Until now you've had to reach out to the bvoip support team for even the simplest of CRM connection errors, and that's been a generally poor experience when it comes to simple things you can fix yourself.

    We've updated the Check Logs button that only OneDrive and DropBox users have seen in the past, and that now contains all the API error logs that we're temporarily caching on our side.


    This will also include logs for when users have logged in recently, when someone pulls the log file, and when various backend events happen like RONA count increases.


    This isn't to say that all errors will appear in here, and many of them will still require assistance to help resolve, but this should enable you to do more self-service and provide faster support to your end clients.


    Phone Number Report

    Advanced Reporting requires a 1stream Core license.

    Bringing back a former report from our Enterprise Portal, the predecessor to the current unified 1stream portal, you can now use the Phone Number Report to pull a list of all calls involving a specific phone number.

    This report can be especially useful if you need to determine how many times a specific caller called you over a period, or to get total talk time to compare against your records in a billing dispute.


    Just like all of our other reports, you can schedule this to occur on a regular basis or run it ad hoc and simply export it to an Excel file.


    Autotask Catch All Company

    We found that the Autotask voicemail to ticket routine was not properly creating tickets if the contact did not exist in the system, as Autotask does not have a default "Catchall" like ConnectWise does where this feature was first built.

    You can now select a Catch All Company which will then be used whenever a contact cannot be matched on a new ticket.



    ConnectWise Source

    You are now able to set the Default Ticket Source field within the ConnectWise PSA settings, and then going forward all 1stream tickets will submit using that source.



    Minor/Quality of Life Changes

    • You can once again see your space used against your quota directly within the Storage > Recordings and Voicemails menus of the phone system.
    • Our Platform Monitoring status page has been moved from the Partners menu to the Monitoring menu, to make it available to customer admins so they can view any maintenance or outages that impact them.
    • A small selection of Grandstream devices have been added to the Extensions > FXS/DECT menu as supported devices.
    • Similar to the above change for Autotask, if for some reason you find a need to use a different company for non-matches than the default Catchall that comes with ConnectWise PSA, you can adjust that at the bottom of the ConnectWise PSA menu.
    • The word "Receptionist" was misspelled in the Rights menu of extensions, and that has been corrected.
    • Updated the links to the Audio File Guide and Microsoft SSO guide that are included in the phone system to reference the new Knowledge Base.
    • We renamed the Marketing section of the Partners menu to Resources, to make it clear there is more than just marketing material in that menu.


    Marked Company Territories/Marked Contact Titles

    Forgotten Feature of the Week

    Many partners have a tough time dealing with higher level executives or owners of their larger client companies who call in and don't get the "expected level of service" for someone of their position.

    Alternatively, you may have a company who has repeatedly called in despite leaving your services, and your team ends up burning time before they realize that's the case.

    You can use the Marked Company Territories feature to flag a territory or the Marked Contact Titles to flag a specific title, and those will then appear flashing on the contact menu in the 1stream client.



  10. New Knowledge Base and Academy


    As announced at our Partner Connect event earlier this week, we've migrated to a new Knowledge Base and a new Academy/LMS Platform, both of which are now live.

    Thanks again to all of our partners who attended, and for those who couldn't make it definitely check out our next Partner Connect event July 22-23 in Denver, Colorado. These events are free to attend for bvoip partners, you just need to plan your travel.


     Knowledge Base at 

    We've gone through over 500 articles to rewrite old content and improve visibility. The search system is new and improved, you can now provide feedback on articles, and you can easily request new articles.

    This also allows us to use new formatting methods that we couldn't use before, so expect to see some new sections and collapsible questions.



     bvoip Academy 

    We've rewritten our Academy into a whole new LMS platform including quizzes and virtual certificates for your team, to ensure everyone is reading through and engaging in the training content.

    There are over 20 Courses and we're always working to add more where we can.



    PIN Verification Tool: Forgotten Feature of the Week

    Requires 1stream Engage Licensing

    One thing that came up often in our Partner Connect was that some users have missed key announcements in recent years due to missed emails or poor communication, so we're going to re-cover some of those old features periodically to make sure you're using all that is available to you.

    Our PIN Code Verification option allows your team members to send a randomly generated PIN to a contact in your CRM/PSA, either via email or SMS, and once they read that code back you can consider them to be who they say they are.

    You can also leverage your own number with providers like, Twilio, or more, and you can heavily customize the template used in the message.


    We highly recommend verifying contacts for any and all requests that could result in them gaining access to data, whether using this tool or another tool that does the same.